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  • Membarship

    Who can become the member of library?
    1. All students admitted in the college.
    2. All faculty members of the college.
    3. College Authorities.
    4. Research Associates and Temporary faculty of the college.

    Application form for Membership

    For Teachers of College

    Necessary documents

    Appointment letter

    Membership for Students

    All the students, who have taken admission in the College Should take membership of Library within one month.



    Please bring following documents for New I-Cards.

    1. Admission Fee Receipt.

    Note - If the membership is not taken within the due date, then we could not help in providing library facilities to the readers.

    Timing - Monday to friday

    8.00 to 5.00 p.m.


    8.00 to 5.00

    Sunday Closed.



    Rules for Library Membership:

    • All students admitted in the college
    • All faculty members of the college.
    • College Authorities.
    • Research Associates and Temporary faculty of the college.

    Rules for Library Timings:

    • On all working days from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
    • Sunday closed
    • National Holiday closed

    Rules for Identity Card :

    • Every student member has necessary I Card.
    • Without I Card Library Reading Material are not issued.
    • Each member should show I Card to the Library authority at the entrance in the Library or circulation counter.
    • I Card valid for one year only.
    • In the event of I card lost, the holder of this card must bring the notice to the Principal or Librarian.

    Rules for Book Circulation :

    • A book will be issued to a student only in exchange for one of his / her member account.
    • In return a book to the Library on or before due date .If not return in due date he / she pay due charge.
    • Journals publication, Dictionaries, bound volumes and such other documents are available only in the reading room.
    • For Reading Room purpose book will be issued on I card and this book will be return same day.

    General Rules :

    • Mobile is not allowed in Library campus.
    • For detailed rules see the Notice Board in Library.
    • Any difficulty about Library immediately contact to the Librarian.


    Our Library Today (Up to March 2019)

    Sr. No. Type of Reading Material Quantity
    1 Total Collection For Senior30242
    Reference Books/Other5471/4582
    Text Books20189
    2LIB MAN Library Management Software 05 Nods
    3Total Journals & Periodicals 16
    4 Newspapers 12
    5 CD’s 193
    6E-Journals (N-LIST) 6000
    7E-Books (N-LIST) 31,00,000
    8Database N-List
    9 Computers 08
    10 Scanner 01
    11 Printers 01
    12 Bar-Code Reader03
    13Rare Books,Special Reports,Manuscript,Projects03

    Print Journals/ Periodicals


    Library having special features and it provides following facilities and services:

    • Separate Reading room Facility for Boys and girls

    • Reading Room Capacity for 72 students

    • Special Services to Competitive and NET/SET Examinations

    • Book Bank Facility for the Students

    • Internet Facility

    • List of Added books to the Library are circulated to concern of Department of College

    • Departmental Library facilities

    • Catalogue of back Volumes of Periodicals and Books available in the Library

    • News Paper cuttings of the College and Parent Institution and special occasions

    • Book Exhibitions for Students & teachers

    Specialised Services

    Sr. No. Service Details
    1 Book Lending Library issue books for one week to students on home lending purpose
    2 Reference Reference service is provided to the users for satisfying their information needs by providing reference books / source for particular topics regarding curriculum or competitive examination
    3 Reprography Library having photocopier machine to provide reprography service to users regarding documents, question papers, some figures etc. as per demands
    4 ILL (Inter Library Loan Service) The library has an institutional membership of Savitibai Phule Pune University for ILS facility. 2.Deccan College Post Graduate & Research Institute Pune
    5 DownloadDownload service is provided to download e-book, e-journals articles, Government Resolutions (GR) etc. in softcopy as per their demand
    6 Printing Reading List As per demand of users printing facility is made available
    7 Bibliography Compilation This service is provided on demand
    8 In-house / remote access to e-resources In-house access e-publication is given to students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the college. Every faculty member is given a Login ID to access the N-LIST e-resources.
    9 User Orientation and Awareness New enrolled students are given user orientation programmers.
    10 Assistance in searching Databases The Librarian and other library staff are competent in the use of ICT. The readily provided assistance in searching databases to the students, staff and stakeholders
    11 INFLIBNET (N-LIST) Facilities It is available for users. The library has been registered for N-LIST programme under INFLIBNET. The e-resources are generated through N-LIST programme and the teaching faculty gets benefit from the e-resources

    E- Resources & Online Services

    Subscribe E-Resources
    for Students use (User & Password is :-Bh244919636)

    College Teachers E-Resources (Video Lectures)

    Free/Useful E-Resources

    Photo Gallery

    Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab
    Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab
    Computer Lab Computer Lab Computer Lab


    Ques 1 : Who can be the member of library?
    Ans: • All students admitted in the college
    • All faculty members of the college.
    • College Authorities.
    • Research Associates and Temporary faculty of the college.

    Ques 2 : What can be photo copied?
    Ans: Whole book not photo copied but some important part of the book which is very long to write down can be photocopied without disturbing the binding of the book & only rare book

    Ques 3 : What is OPAC?
    Ans: OPAC is an online public access catalogue of the library collection to search relevant book or reference.

    Ques 4 : How do I borrow reference book?
    Ans: It can be issued by PG student & needed by the other student.

    Ques 5 : What is book reservation?
    Ans: The book needed by the user is already issued to another member can be reserved for further issuing. This policy used once for a title.

    Ques 6 : How to used reference books?
    Ans: The reference books have different types. As per requirement of user references are given to them. Staff provide ideas or strategy when, which and how the reference book used.

    Ques 7 : How to use e-resources?
    Ans: Logins are provided to each department. Students can take from them or it is available in internet rooms. Using various logins e-resources are used. On first week orientation programme is conducted for introduction of library and its collection. Internet room observer have guide on any problem.

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