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FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Who can be the member of library?
    Ans: Any person interested in studying, reading, writing can be the member of the library.

  2. What can be photo copied?
    Ans: Some important part of the book which is very long to write down can be photocopied
    without disturbing the binding of the book.

  3. What is OPAC?
    Ans: OPAC is an online public access catalogue of the library collection.

  4. How do I borrow reference book?
    Ans: It can be issued by special permission by the librarian for an important purpose only.

  5. What is book reservation?
    Ans: The book needed by the user is already issued to another member can be reserved for
    further issuing.

  6. What is a liberal arts college?
    Ans:: A liberal arts college offers courses in humanities, languages, math, social and natural sciences, and students take 25-50% of their courses in their major.

  7. What is a GPA?
    Ans: Grade Point Average (GPA) is a numeric indicator for a student's academic performance

  8. What is the difference between state and private universities?
    Ans: State universities are funded by the state and are generally larger and less expensive than private universities.

  9. Where can you find information about available scholarships?
    Ans: There are various ways to search for available scholarship grants. You may want to start asking your local government if they have scholarship aids being offered. You may also want to check other centers for you to obtain the scholarships that you want:

  10. Can you be awarded more than one scholarship to the same school?
    Ans: Yes. Depending on the school rules and regulations, you may be eligible to have more than one scholarship at the same school. Most often, several scholarships are granted if it is under the "school scholarships" category. However if it falls under the "college scholarship" category then you are more likely to obtain one scholarship but can still acquire others outside your college jurisdiction.

  11. What is the difference between a college and a university?
    Ans: The term college refers to an educational establishment which grants bachelor degrees in science, liberal arts, both, or in one specific study area. On the other hand, a university encompasses undergraduate studies, graduate and professional schools. A university is composed of different colleges.

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